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The story so far

Watery Lane: The Story so Far

In November 2013 Martin Grant submitted plans for a 340 unit estate with a one form primary school on lane to the west of Zebon Copse, near Watery Lane

An area exhibiting great bio-diversity, close to the river Hart and the Basingstoke canal, the area is known to flood, hence the Watery Lane name!

The location of the site away from schools, medical facilities and the train station made the site quite isolated and this, along with the flooding issues, made the site unsuitable, felt FACE-IT.

FACE-IT fought this plan and in September 2014 Hart Planning committee agreed with our findings and rejected this plan.

An appeal was launched by Martin Grant and in April 2016 a two week appeal procedure was overseen by a governmental Inspector.  She subsequently ruled that the development with 300 units, a GP Surgery and Retail Unit, could go ahead but with a long list of 38 conditions.

Main Conditions

  • Point 37 – The A287/Redfields Lane Roundabout hereby approved shall be completed and fully operational prior to the first occupation of the development.
  • Point 38 – Access via Danvers Drive shall only be used for pedestrian, cycle and emergency access purposes (except to provide vehicular access to the SANG car park for a limited period of two years from the date of the first occupation of the residential development or prior to the occupation of the 150th dwelling, whichever occurs sooner.
  • Point 21 - No development shall take place until a scheme for the provision and management of a minimum buffer zone of 8 metres alongside the River Hart is submitted to and agreed in writing by the local planning authority. ..  The buffer zone shall be free from built development including lighting, domestic gardens and formal landscaping.


Where are we now?

First stage plans were submitted at the end of 2015 and then subsequent feedback was given from Hart planning, North East Hants Review Panel and other interested parties including local councillors, parish councils and Hampshire County Council.

The main comments were concerned with dwelling types and sizes:

1)     Affordable housing should be pepper potted throughout the site, for example in small clusters of 6-10

2)     2 bed houses are preferred to 2 bed flats wherever possible.

3)     2 bedroom 4 person apartments are currently too small

Plans are now on the second stage and these plans, including maps of the site, initial building designs and unit distribution are available on Hart Planning portal.

Lend a hand

Now that the planning of the site has started we really need people to keep an eye on the plans and later on, monitor the actual building. As recent events in Odiham have shown, developers can and will push their luck, if they think they can get away with it.

If you feel you could spare some time to help monitor this development please drop an email to

Help FACE-IT Further

FACE-IT is run by a small committee of local volunteers, each who bring a different skill set to the table.  We really could benefit from a few more members to help spread the load and to bring some additional skills.

If you have marketing, social media, writing, project management, computer skills or in fact anything else relevant, please do consider dropping an email to

We meet once a month and there’s always beer at the meeting table!