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Cross Farm Appeal Dismissed


Friday, 21 February 2020


FACE IT Group Contributor


Appeal Decision Issued (14 February 2020)

The Inspector issued his report and decision on the Cross Farm Appeal. His decision is to DISMISS the Appeal.
His main conclusions are that:
[118] The proposed development would be contrary to the Development Plan considered as a whole. The appeal should, therefore, be dismissed [...].

[119] The proposal would cause less than substantial harm to the significance of [the Crookham Village Conservation Area] and to the significance of the [3] listed buildings, but the harm should be weighed against the public benefits of the proposal.

[120] Significant weight accords to the contribution which the appeal proposal would make to meeting the need for accommodation for older people in Hart, but both the number of dwellings and the financial contributions included in the planning obligation would be relatively modest. The harm to the significance of the heritage assets carries great weight. I am particularly concerned about the effect on the setting of the conservation area.

[121] There are no additional benefits to the public benefits which I have identified above. The proposal would, however, cause harm not only to the significance of heritage assets. It would have a harmful effect on the landscape of the appeal site, the setting of Crookham Village, and visual amenity in views across the site, all of which merit significant weight. The appeal proposal would not be a sustainable form of development, and it would be at odds with the plan-led approach to providing accommodation for older people in the emerging Local Plan.

[122] For the reasons given above, and having regard to all matters raised including the suggested conditions, I conclude that the appeal should be dismissed.

The Appeal Decision by the Planning Inspectorate can be found here:

As a result the proposed development at Cross Farm will not go ahead.

Many thanks to all those of you who have contributed to our opposition to this proposal and to our representation at the appeal.

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